Master Bowie’s Christmas Dog Treat Recipes Directory

Throughout the festive seasons, we’ve created and shared plenty of dog friendly recipes for dog parents around the world. Now, to sprinkle some Christmas magic to your culinary adventures, I’ve gathered them all on a single directory page. Whether your pup is on the nice or naughty list, they deserve some tasty treats! And what better way to show your love to your furry friend than by making your own! Enjoy the holiday vibes and have a jolly time in the kitchen with your dog!

The recipes listed below are a mix of our own recipes and recipes created and submitted by our furiends worldwide as part of Master Bowie’s Christmas Advent Calendar.

> Christmas Pudding (a classic Christmas treat)

> Christmas Dinner – Pork Roulade with Christmas Stuffing

> Christmas Pupizza Wreath (recipe created by @misslexa_thehusky)

> Christmas Minced Fruit Tart (recipe created by @sookiethestaffy) – another Christmas classic!

> Pavlova (recipe created by @hildiethetherapydog) – a classic Australian Christmas dessert!

> Bowie’s No Bake Pavlova (this pavlova has a marshmallow texture, more like an Italian meringue)

> Bowie’s Doggy Marshmallows with Fresh Mint ‘Cocoa’ Drink (a classic fluffy Christmas drink)

> Prawn Cocktail (recipe created by @mr.rudiwrinkles) – such a refreshing and healthy treat, perfect for a warm Christmas down under!

> Bowie’s Salmon Mousse (for those salmon and cheese lovers)

> Dog Friendly Indian Christmas Sweets (recipes created by @priyankaavir) – these recipes are dedicated to all our Indian friends, they include classic Indian sweets such as kulkuls, bebinca (our fav!) and perad.

> Bowie’s Gingerbread Cookies

> Gingerbread Cookies (recipe created by @homemadedogfoodrecipes)

> Gingerbread Cookies (recipe created by @barf_beratung_vanessa_roessler)

> Christmas Wreath Calming Cookies (perfect to calm the nerves during a busy festive season)

> Ginger & Peanut Butter Cookies (recipe created by @twotibetans) – fussy dog approved!

> Christmas Biscuits (recipe created by @mypetcipe)

> Rudolph’s Treats (recipe created by @maisondepawz)

> Turducken Truffle (recipe created by @chefsanddogs)

> Christmas Fruit Leather (say no to rawhide, give this healthy treat instead!)

> Icy Christmas Poles

> Bowie’s Immune Boost, Gut Support, Calm & Relax Icy Poles

> Dog Friendly Mulled Wine (warm the belly, warm the heart)

> Bowie’s Eggnog (our all-time fav!)

Easy, 3 ingredients or less, last minute Christmas Treats!

> Bowie’s Easy Watermelon Pizza

> Doggy Candy Cane

> Doggy Rocky Road (recipe created by

> Christmas Pupsicles (recipe created by @dogfoodelicious)

> Gummi Santas

> Strawberry Milkshake

> Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte

> Frozen Strawberry Pine Cones and plenty more recipes from our furiends worldwide!

Happy Cooking! And don’t forget to share your creation and tag us @masterbowie2016. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Note: If you’re unsure with any of the ingredients, please consult with your veterinarian. Feel free to substitute any of the ingredients to meet your dog’s dietary needs. Any questions, feel free to ask me. Much love, Riesa & Bowie x