• Easy Dog Biscuits Recipe Using Baby Food

    Easy Dog Biscuits Recipe Using Baby Food

    Either you can’t be bothered making your own puree or you just want to experiment (like me), you can add baby food to your dog’s biscuits ingredients. Just check the labels to make sure there are no harmful ingredients for your dog, e.g. onion/onion powder, artificial preservatives. Here’s our Easy Dog Biscuits with Baby Food…

  • Dog chews edible raw bone

    Safely Feed Your Dog Bones

    Dogs and bones, they seem like a perfect pair. If you’re keen to feed your pup bones, this post will help you choose the best and safest bones for your pup. But before we dig deeper into various bone types and which ones are suitable for your pup, let’s start by answering commonly asked bone…

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    Coronavirus and Dogs: What You Need to Know

    According to World Health Organization (at time of print), it’s good news for our furry friends in terms of COVID-19. Below we break down what we’ve known so far about pets and COVID-19, and advice for caring for your dog during the COVID-19 crisis. As we learn more about this illness, recommended procedures can change…

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    Pet Emergency Kit

    Let’s plan ahead and be prepared before an emergency happens so that you can act quickly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of yourself and your fur-mate/s. We’ve compiled a list of essentials to pack in emergency situations: ✓ Non-refrigerated food for at least one week (and treats if necessary)✓ Feeding bowl✓ Bottled water with…

  • Dog's first aid kit, grooming, health and beauty

    Bowie’s Essentials In A Box

    Including first aid, grooming, health and beauty kit. With a New Year comes the desire to clean up and organise my stuff… well at least my dog’s (Bowie) stuff. I put all his essentials (minus his food, treats and toys) in a ‘dedicated’ box and stored the box in the laundry, in an easy-to-reach place…

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    Dog Blood Donations – What, Why & How

    Dog (and cat) blood donations are needed now more than ever. In this article, we break down the facts about dog blood donations – What, Why & How – with Isobella McGrath from BLOOD Hound Australia. Why donating blood? For the paw-parents, it’s up there with the worst of nightmares. Your beloved dog is struck…

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    What should we feed our dogs? Raw vs Kibble

    Almost every aspect of owning a dog has a debate about it. From how you train your dog to how you feed them, not everyone agrees. One of the most passionate debates out there is what you should feed your dog. My Labrador, Bowie had been on a kibble diet since he was a pup,…