Our Story

Hello Dog Lovers! We are so glad you found us.

My name is Riesa Renata from Melbourne, Australia, and together with my furry sidekick – Bowie – we are the creator of Master Bowie. I am a certified canine nutritionist, raw dog food specialist, author, dog chef and baker who loves creating Master Chef meals for my Labrador, Bowie and other doggos. I am very passionate about inspiring other dog parents to live the best, happiest and fullest life with their dogs through healthy diet and lifestyle.

Having Bowie has certainly opened me up to a new world – DOG WORLD!! He is the inspiration and mascot of Master Bowie. Our journey is a constant learning as we explore the world through our curious minds, and Bowie never stops to amaze me. He constantly challenges and pushes me, but he also gives me unconditional love, loyalty (the food may have contributed to that!!) and passion for dog nutrition, health and wellbeing.

My fresh food feeding journey began over seven years ago when Bowie suffered from multiple digestive issues. Determined to find a solution, I switched Bowie’s diet to a fresh food diet, and his symptoms gradually subsided and never returned. This transformative experience, coupled with my love and strong desire to see Bowie live the healthiest, longest and most fulfilling life possible, motivated me to delve deeper into the world of whole foods and dog nutrition. I completed my Raw Dog Food Nutrition course with Dogs Naturally and Canine Nutrition course with Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI). I truly believe in the healing power of whole foods and that good health starts with good food.

Master Bowie is a resources hub and an inclusive dog community where you can find –

  • Dog nutrition information, health tips and drool-worthy dog-friendly recipes. Check out ‘Recipes’ or our Instagram page.
  • Valuable information from my personal experience and research I have done – from dog training and behaviour to lifestyle, health and wellbeing. Explore ‘Tips & Articles’.
  • Inspirational stories of human-canine bond and people in the animal world who are doing amazing things with and for dogs. Check out ‘Bowie & Friends’.
  • A safe, loving, non-judgemental community where all dog lovers can share, learn, inspire, cry and laugh at their pet dog antics and escapades. Master Bowie page also serves as a platform for animal welfare and advocacy where I regularly support, donate and fundraise for dog rescue groups and animal charities.

We know the difference dogs make to life, so let’s celebrate this. Join Master Bowie community and our mission to better a dog’s life, one bowl at a time! Follow our food adventure on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Much love,
Riesa & Bowie

‘Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.’

Roger A. Caras, Animal Photographer/Writer/Activist