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Good health starts with good dog food.


We are here to inspire and empower dog parents, like you, to nourish your dog with a nutritious, whole foods diet — one 'Master Chef' bowl at a time.

Spoil your furry best friend with good food that not only tastes and looks good but also makes your pup feel good!

Our bespoke dog food is tailored to your dog’s nutritional needs and dietary requirements, and formulated by a certified canine nutritionist using high-quality, species-appropriate whole food ingredients.

Custom Birthday Cakes

Custom Bento Boxes, Sushi Set & Ramen


Made-to-Order, Dog Degustation & Event Catering

We also offer made-to-order dog treats and personalised dog degustation menus, perfect for your pup's special occasions and crafted lovingly to match your vision.

"I take pride in what I do; every detail is crafted with care and love. Seeing the dogs relish their meals and the joy on their owners' faces is truly rewarding and fills me with immense joy."

Riesa Renata,Canine Nutritionist & Dog Chef


Riesa and Bowie are the driving force behind Master Bowie. Riesa is a certified canine nutritionist, raw dog food specialist, author of two dog recipe books and dog chef who loves creating ‘Master Chef’ meals for her Labrador connoisseur, Bowie. Together, they are on the mission to spread joy through ‘Good Food’, inspiring, empowering and helping dog parents, one nutritious bowl at a time. Riesa and Bowie live in Melbourne, Australia.


Each dog is unique.

However, no existing diet on the market meets these individual needs. That's where we come in. Master Bowie offer personalised dog food and recipes tailored to each dog's specific needs, formulated by a certified canine nutritionist.

Supporting our dogs’ health is an ongoing journey.

Life presents our dogs with daily challenges, often requiring dietary adjustments as they move through different life stages. Master Bowie offer continuous support so you, as your dog's guardian, can best support their health and wellbeing.

We make GOOD dog food.

Because good health starts with good food! Food is so much more than just fuel – it should nourish both the body and soul, healing and supporting your dog's health. Good food should not only taste and look good but also make your dog feel good!