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    Christmas Gift Ideas For Dogs & Dog Lovers

    Christmas is coming, and it’s another excuse to spoil our dogs! Here are Bowie & I’s favourite Christmas gift ideas. Natural & Healthy Dog Treats Whose dogs don’t love treats?! especially when they’re tasty and healthy. Bowie’s favourite is Laila and Me. They’re Australian owned, operated and produced using Australian sourced meats. Laila and Me’s…

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    Kate & Her Rescue Maremma Wolf

    Wolf was one year old when Kate adopted him. Being a Maremma, he’s not your typical suburban pet dog. Kate was Wolf’s fifth home. When his placement didn’t work out, the rescue organisation rang Kate. She jumped in the car, just to meet him and have a look. But it was love at first sight.…

  • Homemade dog friendly tiramisu treat

    Our Dog Friendly Food Inspo

    Our recipes suit raw-fed / hybrid-fed dogs, however you can easily modify them by cooking / pre-cooking the ingredients. Click the image to view recipe and full list of ingredients. For more inspo, check out our Instagram. – Zucchini Fettuccine with Beef Meatballs –  – Pork & Apple Sausage Rolls –  – Spring Inspired Meal…

  • Easy Dog Biscuits Recipe Using Baby Food

    Easy Dog Biscuits Recipe Using Baby Food

    Either you can’t be bothered making your own puree or you just want to experiment (like me), you can add baby food to your dog’s biscuits ingredients. Just check the labels to make sure there are no harmful ingredients for your dog, e.g. onion/onion powder, artificial preservatives. Here’s our Easy Dog Biscuits with Baby Food…

  • Improve your dog walk by playing fun games during walk

    5 Fun Games That Will Improve Your Dog Walk

    Walking (with) your dog can be a fun and engaging physical and mental exercise. It’s also the time for you and your dog to bond. Yes it means take a break from your phone and just talk to your dog – by talk I mean engage with – though I do often converse with my…

  • Selective hearing in dogs - is it a real thing?

    Is Selective Hearing In Dogs Real?

    My dog listens well at home but not away from home. My dog comes running when I whisper the F-O-O-D word but completely ignores me when I shout his name at the top of my lungs. Can you relate to this? You may think that our dogs have selective hearing but they simply just do…

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    Sniffing Games for Your Dog’s Mental Exercise

    Sniffing is such an important and natural behaviour for our dogs. That’s how they gather information, interact with their environment and communicate. Allowing our dogs to sniff and explore is one of the best mental exercises we can do to keep their brain sharp, prevent boredom, decrease hyper-activity and lower stress level. A mentally stimulated…

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    Teach Your Dog To Be A Sniffer Dog

    Did you know that dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in humans. And the part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analysing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours. To put it plainly, they can smell 10,000 to 100,000 times better…

  • Dog chews edible raw bone

    Safely Feed Your Dog Bones

    Dogs and bones, they seem like a perfect pair. If you’re keen to feed your pup bones, this post will help you choose the best and safest bones for your pup. But before we dig deeper into various bone types and which ones are suitable for your pup, let’s start by answering commonly asked bone…