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I am a canine nutritionist, dog chef and author. Together with my sidekick and connoisseur Labrador, Bowie, we are on mission to inspire and empower dog parents like you, so you can nourish your dog with a nutritious whole foods diet, one ‘Master Chef’ bowl at a time.

Spoil your pup on their Birthday or Gotcha Day with our bespoke cakes and bento boxes

Our dogs deserve the very best, especially on their special day. Treat your furry best friend with our bespoke cakes and bento boxes that will not only make them wag their tail but also leave the humans in awe! Made with all healthy human-grade ingredients, with dog nutrition in mind, and plenty of love, it’s a treat you can feel good about sharing with your furry companion.

We also offer private dog degustation and event catering (Melbourne only) and diet consultation for your dog

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‘I’d like to make fresh food feeding simple, fun and inspiring, whilst also being informative and factual. Bowie Drools Over the Alphabet will inspire and guide you and your dog to eat and live healthfully. No longer does my dog eat better than I do, and vice versa!’

Riesa Renata, author of Bowie Drools Over the Alphabet

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About us
My name is Riesa Renata. I am a canine nutritionist, raw dog food specialist, dog chef and author of two dog recipe books. I am also a proud dog mama who finds joy in creating Master Chef meals for my Labrador, Bowie. Recognising the healing power of whole foods, I believe that good health starts with good food. Our journey into fresh food feeding began over seven years ago when Bowie suffered from multiple digestive issues. Determined to find a solution, I switched Bowie’s diet to a fresh food diet, and his symptoms gradually subsided and never returned. This transformative experience, coupled with my love and a strong desire to see Bowie live the healthiest, longest and most fulfilling life possible, motivated me to delve deeper into the world of whole foods and dog nutrition. Our mission is to empower and inspire dog parents one nutritious bowl at a time. Bowie and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

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I am truly passionate about dog welfare and giving back to dogs in need. Master Bowie page also serves as a platform for dog rescue and welfare advocacy, where I regularly share articles, interviews and happy ending stories about rescue dogs, dog rescue groups and charities. Read our interviews and many inspiring stories here.

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