10 Things You’ll Only Understand When You Have A Labrador

Recently I’ve joined a Labrador forum and got talking with other Lab owners. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who experiences ‘things you’ll only understand when you have a Labrador’. I’ve compiled my ‘Top 10 Favourites’:

  1. The Biting – How could this cute, soft little thing suddenly turn into a crocopup? In the first year I had Bowie, my arms were full of scratches and bite marks, they looked like I just got into a fight with a cactus!
  2. The Shedding – I always thought that Lab only sheds twice a year (spring and winter). Later I found out, each lasts for 6 months! We have to vacuum everyday, sometimes twice a day, when we have visitors coming. No matter how much we brush him, it doesn’t seem to make much different.
  3. They will do anything for FOOD – even selling their soul. From the ‘big eyes’ stare (aka ‘Puss in Boots’) to dribbling in anticipation and devising such a devious plan to get that mouth-watering piece of chicken from the kitchen bench.
  4. What’s the fascination with shoes and socks … and chewing in general really but shoes and socks are the two things we don’t seem to get Bowie to stay away from, ohh… and used underwear and kangaroo/wombat’s poo! So anything stinky … hahaha…
  5. His hair haunts me everywhere … even when he’s never been to the place. I even get paranoid of drinking tea – I almost swallowed his hair a few times!
  6. Can I have my privacy please? It’s so cute to see Bowie follows me everywhere but now it’s getting borderline stalking. He’ll even wait for me outside the bathroom – See my post on Puppy Proof DIY – and sometimes he’ll be like a ninja, you turn around and there he is!
  7. Zoomies one minute and snores the next. We still marvel at how Bowie can be so playful and having endless energy one minute, and on his back snoring the next.
  8. Will chase anything that’s around and moving. Some Labs can’t be bothered fetching ball and some Labs are just crazy chasing and retrieving one, including Bowie. One quirky thing Bowie does is when we play fetch, he always has something in his mouth. He will chase and stop the ball, run back to us, drop the object in his mouth, run back to the grab the ball, bring it back to us, drop it and quickly pick up the first object.
  9. Love water … and rolling around in wet soils, muddy puddles and ‘dead’ stinky stuff arghhh…
The muddier and stinkier, the better
That proud look that quickly turned into shame… hahaha…

Last but not least – at number 10 – his smile just melts my heart … and the love he’s shown me through his many licks and cuddles.

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