Puppy Proof DIY

You need – a baby safety gate and barrier set from any DIY store. They can be used to securely block between rooms or areas, or to section off areas within a room that you don’t want your pup to go near.

One time Bowie was so fascinated with this particular spot in our kitchen. He would counter surf and pinch anything from salt, cutlery, cereal box to tupperware full of sultanas (Read Bowie’s sultanas story here) – so we put the panels leaning on the corner of the cupboards and it stopped him! We left them there for a while until he grew out of his fascination – though it’s a bit annoying especially when we needed to get the bowls and plates from the cupboards. But hey, it’s better than a trip to the vet.

Another time he figured out how to open the sliding door to the bathroom and toilet. Really you hardly have any privacy when you have a Labrador – so panels on – with or without us inside.

Here are some other uses we’ve tried:

Block access to the kitchen
It’s very handy especially when you have an open plan house like ours. Now we don’t even lock the gate anymore, and he doesn’t even try to push it and get into the kitchen – the power of conditioning.

Make-shift crate
Because it’s made from panels, it’s easily adjustable to his growing size. We used it until he grew out of it and (honestly) until he could be trusted. Now he’s promoted to a nice open elevated bed!

Leave daddy alone – daddy needs to work

Baby gate failed – Bowie got into the pantry – Party time!!
This only happened once because I left the gate and pantry door open – and Bowie was still pretty young and reckless… hahaha…

What a mess!!