Pet Emergency Kit

Let’s plan ahead and be prepared before an emergency happens so that you can act quickly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of yourself and your fur-mate/s.

We’ve compiled a list of essentials to pack in emergency situations:

✓ Non-refrigerated food for at least one week (and treats if necessary)
✓ Feeding bowl
✓ Bottled water with collapsible bowl
✓ Your pet medications with clear instructions for treatment of any medical conditions
✓ Your pet medical records with vet contact details
✓ First aid kit – which you can purchase or assemble yourself
✓ Collar with ID tag
✓ Leash, harness, halter, etc
✓ Bedding (bed, woollen blanket and towel)
✓ Crate or carrier – if your dog is familiar with staying in a crate, it can also double-up as bedding
✓ Poo bags – and litter tray if you have a cat
✓ Your pet favourite toys for comfort
✓ Important documents in a waterproof folder/bag – include vaccination and registration certificates,current photos of you and your pet,insurance details, evidence of assistance/service animal and emergency contact list. You can also take photos of all the hard-copy documents and store them in your phone.
✓ Dog boots – to protect your pup paws from the elements and heat. The ground can get 25–30C HOTTER than the air temperatureand it can burn your dog paws.

Make sure you have an Emergency and Evacuation Plan in place, including where your pet/s can stay in an event of emergency. Ensure that their vaccinations and registration details are up-to-date. Make sure they are wearing collar and ID tag with their name and your mobile phone number at all times.

Stay informed and allow plenty of time (if possible) to activate your Emergency and Evacuation Plan. Please STAY SAFE x Love Bowie & I x

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