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Get to Know Your Fur-Mate

Like humans, every dog is different, even though they’re from the same breed or parents. They may have similar characteristics or behaviour, but I’d like to think that each dog has his/her own unique personality. Their personality may be influenced by their environment, training and their owner’s personality. I’m sure, you know your dog’s best, but wouldn’t you want to know more?

Like ‘How old is your dog actually?’

Whether ‘He/she is Right-pawed or Left-pawed or Both?’

And what they’re trying to tell us through their body language

The DOGS we know today have come a long way from their wolf ancestors. Through some 30,000 years, humans and dogs have lived side by side and continued to evolve and build one of the most endearing inter-species friendship, love and interdependency.

Did you know that…

Our furry-friends change their facial expressions when they know people are looking at them – perhaps in an effort to communicate. And those ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ evolved to help them get on better with humans.

Researchers compared facial muscle anatomy of both wolves and dogs, and found they were almost identical – except for an eyebrow muscle which was found only in dogs. This muscle allows dogs to intensely raise their eyebrows to make their eyes appear larger, more infant like and to resemble an expression humans produce when sad. Experts believe dog’s eyes have evolved so they will appeal more to humans.

Last but not least…
you’re not the only one who prefers your dog over your kids

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