Boredom Busters for Tough Chewers & Food Lovers

Bowie’s reviews on dog toys and some ideas to keep those four-legged beauties (and the beasts) entertained and out of mischief.

PS: This is not a paid or sponsored post, just our 3 years+ experience and research to find the most indestructible toys for our powerful chewer.

In the three years plus we’ve had Bowie, we’ve gone through so many toys, some only lasted for a couple of minutes before they got torn to pieces. I’ve tried various products in different price range, brands and level of durability and chewability. The secret is finding the right balance between durability, safety and engagement.

For example, I bought Bowie Tasty Bone Nylon Mega Bone (Beef Flavoured) – it’s made from 100% virgin nylon which is guaranteed to last. It’s also infused with irresistible flavours right through to the core, your dog will never get bored. On paper it looked promising and I was so excited to get one for Bowie (Psst… it’s not cheap either). After the initial excitement, Bowie lost interest after just 5 minutes and he started to throw it around. That bone weighs over half a kilo and I had to take it away from him before any windows or tiles got smashed. It’s definitely indestructible and also a nice paper weight on my desk now.

Bowie, being a Labrador, is very mouthy (esp. when he was a pup), very smart and resourceful esp. when food is involved. The trick for us is to get toys that are durable, can hold treats and provide long-lasting mental stimulation. Dogs are like kids, they get bored easily. So we rotate his toys often, and only have a couple at a time and the rest is hidden.

Here are Bowie’s TOP 3 TOYS for tough chewers and food lovers

1. The ol’ trusty KONG

They come in varying degree of sizes and strengths. We bought a few as he grew up, and they last, even the soft small one. You can stuff treats and freeze them for longer-lasting challenge. I literally go ‘masterchef’ with them. And they’re dishwasher safe as well.

2. West Paw Zogoflex

These award-winning toys are fun and sustainable – they come in bright colours, odd shapes and can be filled with treats. From solid to squishy and squeezy (hollow), your dog is certainly spoiled for choice. Unfortunately it’s USA made and only a few Australian suppliers stock them. Just Google West Paw Australia to find the online stockists.

3. When your dog ‘Goes Bananas for Balls’…

Here are a few durable toy ideas: our own Aussie Dog Catch Ball and Buddy Ball, KONG Marathon Ball, TRIXIE Snack Ball which is made of natural rubber and its integrated labyrinth will give long time amusement. Last but not least Bowie loves just any ordinary High-Bounce Balls.

Note: TRIXIE is a German product. Unfortunately it’s not stocked in Australian pet stores. Google TRIXIE Snack Ball Australia to find any online stockists that ship to Australia or go to eBay.


If you have a powerful chewer, AVOID plush toys esp. the ones with squeakers. One, they’ll drive you mad. Two, they’ll make your dog wanting to destroy the toys more to get to those squeakers.

I would also AVOID dog rope toys, tennis balls or cricket balls. You don’t want bits of rope, wool, nylon or leather end up in your dog’s stomach.

Sometimes it’s worth to spend a bit more $$ to get good quality and durable toys. It’s safer for your dogs and you end up saving in the long run. At the same time, your dog won’t care if you spend $2 or $20. Make your own toy. You know your dog the best. Be creative and have fun!

Lastly, NO toys can replace any engagement or play with you. Your dog will forever choose YOU than any other toys.

Make sure you supervise your dog when giving them a new toy. You know your dog best. Choose wisely. Have fun!

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