Post Holiday Blues? Yes, dogs get them too.

After a month overseas, our holiday had finally and sadly came to an end. Whilst we were on holiday, Bowie was also on holiday, staying with his grandpa/ma at their 80 acre, river frontage property, where he would go swimming, free roaming and playing with his fur-mate everyday. What a bliss for a dog!

Despite his high level of excitement seeing us for the first time in 5 weeks, now that he’s back, I noticed he’s a bit lacklustre and unlike himself. He’s not as playful and boisterous as before, and he seemed slightly lost. Thankfully his appetite was still top notch that I didn’t rush into calling on the vet.

Could it be that Bowie also had post holiday blues?

Like human, dogs can also feel depressed and flat for a variety different reasons. In Bowie’s case, it’s more likely caused by the sudden change of environment, excitement and companion. It’s also possible that he picks our moods. Dogs are very sensitive creatures.

So, to help Bowie (and us) shaking off the blues, we try to keep the routine going – plenty of walks and exercises, plays and TLCs and socialising with other dogs (and hoomans).

He is getting better, and we can see Bowie’s spark (and mojo) slowly coming back. I’m sure it’ll be no time when he’s back to his cheeky self and we wish that he’d be more subdued… hahahaha….