OMG!! I’m one of those mums!!!

Whenever I saw mums cooing at their babies, taking constant photos and posting them online or talking about their ‘precious’ ALL the time, I promised myself I would never turn into one of those mums.

OMG, I’m turning into one!!! Instead of babies, my ovaries burst for puppies!!!

I have to make a conscious effort not to talk about Bowie all the time or show my friends a slideshow of his photos.

Here are signs that you’re turning into one of those mums:

  • Let’s start with the obvious one. Your phone is full of your dog’s photos including your screen saver, social media profiles, whatsapp profile and the last 5 photos you took are your dog.
  • In every conversation, your dog always crops up.
  • You talk to your dog a lot (God forbid, in one of those ‘cooing’ voices).
  • You start addressing yourself as ‘mummy’ and labelling others around you as ‘daddy’, ‘grandma’, ‘grandpa’, ‘mummy’s friends’ etc.
  • You’re ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over your pooch and other dogs.
  • Suddenly you develop a ‘superpower’ – the ability to spot and detect the presence of dogs from miles away. My friend told me she once mistook a leather handbag lying on the ground for a dog.
  • Your Google search history is full of dog-related subjects. One time, mine is all about dog poop!
  • When you’re shopping online, instead of browsing for shoes or clothes, you’re buying dog toys or treats. I spend most of my money on Bowie!
  • You’re turning into one of those competitive mums and you’re so proud when someone compliments your dog.
  • You miss your dog when you’re away.
  • You teach your dog to kiss or hug you. Bowie licks us on the cheeks when we say ‘Give us a kiss!’ It never fails to bring a smile to our face every time he does it.
  • If it’s socially acceptable, you’d gaze at your dog’s eyes all day. Bowie would look at me straight in the eyes and we bonded that way. Science proves that looking into your dog’s eyes triggers release of ‘love hormone’ Oxytocin. So next time you gaze at your dog’s eyes and feel an overwhelming emotion, you’re not crazy!

If you display 2 or more symptoms described above, you’re officially in the ‘club’!! I’d say, ‘Embrace it!!!’