Test Your Hearing (and Your Dog’s)

Did you know that dogs can hear sounds as high as 45,000 Hz whilst humans averagely hear up to 20,000 Hz. In the low frequency however humans can hear as low as 20 Hz whilst dogs are about 60 Hz. But there’s more to hearing than frequency… the loudness of the sound, or decibels (dB).

Dog’s hearing is generally more sensitive than human’s. They can hear quieter sounds (lower dB) than we can, as well as a wider frequency (Hz). Dogs can hear sounds as low volume as 5 – 15 dB (Note: a human whisper is about 20 – 30 dB).

Let’s test your hearing and find out the highest frequency range you can hear. Imagine that your dog can hear at least twice as high frequency as you can.

Note: Human’s hearing is most sensitive in the 2,000 – 5,000 Hz so start playing the 2,000 Hz frequency in a volume that’s comfortable to your ears. This frequency hearing test is set in the same volume level throughout different frequencies, even though you may think that one frequency is louder than the other.

Frequency Hearing Test 1: 2,000 – 20,000 Hz

What about testing your lowest frequency range?

Note: Start playing the 2,000 Hz frequency in a volume that’s comfortable to your ears and see how low frequency you can hear in the same volume. You may adjust the volume if you’d like but remember your dog can hear sounds fainter than a human’s breath.

Frequency Hearing Test 2: 20 – 2,000 Hz

This test does not replace a professional hearing test from a qualified Audiologist. If you suspect your dog has a hearing problem or is losing his/her hearing, you should consult your vet and get a BAER Test.