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    Bowie’s Essentials In A Box

    Including first aid, grooming, health and beauty kit. With a New Year comes the desire to clean up and organise my stuff… well at least my dog’s (Bowie) stuff. I put all his essentials (minus his food, treats and toys) in a ‘dedicated’ box and stored the box in the laundry, in an easy-to-reach place…

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    Boredom Busters for Tough Chewers & Food Lovers

    Bowie’s reviews on dog toys and some ideas to keep those four-legged beauties (and the beasts) entertained and out of mischief. PS: This is not a paid or sponsored post, just our 3 years+ experience and research to find the most indestructible toys for our powerful chewer. In the three years plus we’ve had Bowie,…