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    Let’s Go on an Adventure!

    Dog-Friendly Hike and Nature Walk in Victoria Australia If you love going on a nature walk or hiking, we’ve put together a few beautiful destinations in Victoria where you and your furry best friends can go on an outdoor adventure together. We’ve selected a few on every region to make it easy for you to…

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    Happy You. Happy Dog.

    Happiness – it’s the one thing everyone wants and we spend our lives pursuing it, but in this modern society it seems to be becoming more and more difficult to attain. In recent years, scientists have reached an overwhelming conclusion that happiness is not just a state, but also a skill set that anyone can…

  • Caroline Zambrano and Cruz Anatolian Shepherd
    Master Bowie TV

    Ep.7 Paw Wow with Pet Journalist, Caroline Zambrano

    Meet Caroline Zambrano, an award-winning pet journalist and her 4-year-old Anatolian Shepherd, Cruz. Caroline has been writing for the pet industry for over 15 years. Master Bowie had a chat with Caroline about her earliest memory with animals, her inspiration of writing for animals, her pet peeves, her most memorable story to date and her…

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    Why a puppy for Christmas is not a good gift idea?

    Whilst it seems such a great image in your mind and on those Christmas movie posters, it is in fact NOT such a good idea at all. Gifting a puppy on Christmas is definitely going to be a hit, and you’ll be guaranteed to be the most favourite mom/dad/aunt/uncle/boyfriend/girlfriend etc, but when Christmas is over…

  • labrador dog sitting with owner on river banks

    Why having dogs in your life is the greatest gift of all

    I never thought or expected that having animals (in my case, a dog) would enrich my life immensely – physically and emotionally. What began many thousands of years ago as a mutual-services contract between two very different species – humans and dogs – became something much more like love. What is love anyway? Love is…

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    10 Things You’ll Only Understand When You Have A Labrador

    Recently I’ve joined a Labrador forum and got talking with other Lab owners. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who experiences ‘things you’ll only understand when you have a Labrador’. I’ve compiled my ‘Top 10 Favourites’: The Biting – How could this cute, soft little thing suddenly turn into a crocopup?…

  • canine laser therapy and rehabilitation for leg injuries

    Vet & Pet Bills – How to Minimise Them?

    Bowie had a long history with vets especially due to his leg injuries. In Bowie’s first two years of life, he had visited 4 different vets over 35 times. 3 times for vaccinations and general checkups. 2 times for diarrheas. 1 time for emergency induce vomiting. 2 times for sultanas episode – Read my post…

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    Puppy Proof DIY

    You need – a baby safety gate and barrier set from any DIY store. They can be used to securely block between rooms or areas, or to section off areas within a room that you don’t want your pup to go near. One time Bowie was so fascinated with this particular spot in our kitchen.…

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    OMG!! I’m one of those mums!!!

    Whenever I saw mums cooing at their babies, taking constant photos and posting them online or talking about their ‘precious’ ALL the time, I promised myself I would never turn into one of those mums. OMG, I’m turning into one!!! Instead of babies, my ovaries burst for puppies!!! I have to make a conscious effort not…