• Bowie & Friends

    Kate & Her Rescue Maremma Wolf

    Wolf was one year old when Kate adopted him. Being a Maremma, he’s not your typical suburban pet dog. Kate was Wolf’s fifth home. When his placement didn’t work out, the rescue organisation rang Kate. She jumped in the car, just to meet him and have a look. But it was love at first sight.…

  • Image copyright to Master Bowie

    Bowie The Sous Chef

    Watch Bowie making dinner tonight! He chooses the ingredients: meat, fruit, vegie, organ and bone. Bon appétit! Sound ON for French flavour. Share in on Facebook or Instagram

  • Courtesy of Alex Cearns, Houndstooth Studio from her book Perfect Imperfection: Dog Portraits of Resilience and Love
    Bowie & Friends

    Perfect Imperfection

    Celebrating Love & Resilience in Every Little Perfect Imperfection I can’t think of anything better to conclude Master Bowie’s ‘Look Beyond My Disability’ series other than celebrating these beautiful dogs’ all little perfect imperfections – and no one is more perfect to do that than Alex Cearns OAM. Alex is an Australian decorated, award-winning Perth…

  • man playing guitar and making music at his home recording studio
    Bowie & Friends

    A Man, His Guitar & Furry Band

    Meet Gary, aka the ‘G’ man, Bowie’s non-furry, two-legged friend. Gary is the other half of Sue, a loving father of two beautiful daughters, two dogs and two cats, a teacher by day, a talented guitarist and composer by night, a massive fan of Massive Attack, Jeff Beck and Steve Wilson, an avid music blogger…

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    Is your dog as cute as you think?

    Of course he is!! My dog is the cutest, and I can’t stop taking photos of him and share them to world. I’m sure other people will think the same and give me million likes on Instagram. Oops… instead of millions, I only get 20. Maybe he’s not as cute as I thought. Studies by…

  • ridgeback and american staffy cross dog rescued and adopted
    Bowie & Friends

    Two Ladies & A Gentleman

    Meet Tresca and Linda Peaches – the Two Ladies, and Julian – the Gentleman. Tresca and Julian are proud new owners of Linda Peaches, a 6 year old Ridgeback/American Staffie X. Linda (as she’s called) is a rescue dog. Her previous owner sadly had to find her a new home as he’s moving overseas. Tresca…

  • welsh springer spaniel puppy kisses a kitten
    Bowie & Friends

    Warmest Welcome to the Chan Family

    It is true raising a puppy is like (or harder than) raising a toddler. The ‘cute’ phase probably only lasts for a couple of weeks than the hard yards begin. And when you think you’re finally on top of it then the ‘teen’ phase hits and you’re back to square one. Here’s Akiko and Vincent…

  • smiling golden retriever with owner on the beach
    Bowie & Friends

    Meet Aaron & His Sidekick Polo

    I met Polo for the first time when he came to work with Aaron one morning. He’s such a chill and mellow dog, so much so that I couldn’t get any reaction from him. He would stay quietly next to Aaron though occasionally he would make the rounds of the office, not to say hello…