Beef Recipes Pack


2 x Complete & Balanced Recipes (Raw & Cooked) for Adult Dogs, Plus Beef & Mushroom Broth Recipe


Our “Beef Recipes” offer a Whole Foods Species-Appropriate Diet for Dogs.


The foundation of a nutritious diet lies in selecting high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients, meaning opting for a species-appropriate diet, whole foods over highly processed foods and avoiding inflammatory foods.

Formulated by a certified canine nutritionist, these recipes are tailored for a homemade diet that includes meat, bones/calcium and organs, as well as vegetables, fruits and other whole foods to provide a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. They adhere to fresh food feeding ratio guidelines and the nutrient levels set by AAFCO (2020) and FEDIAF (2021), ensuring the meals are complete and balanced when served raw or gently cooked.

This pack contains 2 x Complete & Balanced Meal Recipes using beef as the main protein source, along with a Beef & Mushroom Nutritious Broth Recipe. These recipes are suitable for adult dogs fed a raw food or gently cooked diet.

Additionally, you will find nutrition information for each meal, feeding amount guidelines, as well as food safety and measurement guidelines.

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