• canine laser therapy and rehabilitation for leg injuries

    Vet & Pet Bills – How to Minimise Them?

    Bowie had a long history with vets especially due to his leg injuries. In Bowie’s first two years of life, he had visited 4 different vets over 35 times. 3 times for vaccinations and general checkups. 2 times for diarrheas. 1 time for emergency induce vomiting. 2 times for sultanas episode – Read my post…

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    Puppy Proof DIY

    You need – a baby safety gate and barrier set from any DIY store. They can be used to securely block between rooms or areas, or to section off areas within a room that you don’t want your pup to go near. One time Bowie was so fascinated with this particular spot in our kitchen.…

  • welsh springer spaniel puppy kisses a kitten
    Bowie & Friends

    Warmest Welcome to the Chan Family

    It is true raising a puppy is like (or harder than) raising a toddler. The ‘cute’ phase probably only lasts for a couple of weeks than the hard yards begin. And when you think you’re finally on top of it then the ‘teen’ phase hits and you’re back to square one. Here’s Akiko and Vincent…

  • smiling golden retriever with owner on the beach
    Bowie & Friends

    Meet Aaron & His Sidekick Polo

    I met Polo for the first time when he came to work with Aaron one morning. He’s such a chill and mellow dog, so much so that I couldn’t get any reaction from him. He would stay quietly next to Aaron though occasionally he would make the rounds of the office, not to say hello…

  • yellow labrador dog having his carrots and puppychino

    From Brat to Fab: The Power of Training

    I still remember calling my dog trainer (Cat), in desperation asking for her help. She came to our home and we had a 2 hour session where we went through our list of problems with Bowie – it was quite a long list. She assessed what we did right or wrong, and how we could…

  • kelpie labrador cross dog sitting next to owner
    Bowie & Friends

    Barry & Koko – Partners in Crime

    I’ve known Barry for over 13 years and Koko since a pup. I still remember when Barry picked up Koko and brought him to a family Christmas lunch. He was a shy yet curious pup. He’s grown and slowed down a lot since then but he’s still the same friendly and happy Koko. Bowie met…

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    OMG!! I’m one of those mums!!!

    Whenever I saw mums cooing at their babies, taking constant photos and posting them online or talking about their ‘precious’ ALL the time, I promised myself I would never turn into one of those mums. OMG, I’m turning into one!!! Instead of babies, my ovaries burst for puppies!!! I have to make a conscious effort not…

  • yellow labrador dog running and swimming on the beach

    Taking Dogs to the Beach

    Bowie loves the beach!! Excitement level: Through the roof. Energy release: High – Bowie slept all the way home and he’s much more chilled for the rest of the day. Difficulty level: Didn’t even blink an eye – Bowie is natural in the water – he’s a Labrador. Fun level: 5 out of 5 (definitely!)…

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    Did you know – Grapes, raisins and sultanas are toxic for dogs

    Bowie vs Sultanas: 0 – 1 Amount of sultanas: About half a kilo – Bowie’s weight was about 30kg Collateral damage: Signs of acute kidney failure, 3 nights stay at the hospital, 7 litres of IV fluids Outcome after treatment: Urine and blood tests came back normal, negative blood in the urine, no damage to internal organs, manhood…

  • yellow labrador retriever puppy

    Postpartum – Is it possible when having a puppy?

    Bowie is my first pet dog. I’ve always wanted to have dogs, so finally after many months of research, we decided to get a puppy. My husband had dogs growing up but nothing prepared us (especially me) from the onslaught of raising a puppy. Many people I talked about getting a puppy (and they do…