Meet Bowie – The Inspiration and Mascot of Master Bowie


Bowie is (obviously) named after David Bowie. Rumour has it that he was born with light green-blue eyes. Bowie looks a little bit different to other Labradors – he is a Dudley Labrador. He has pink nose and eye rims, and light brown eyes.

Bowie is an enthusiastic foodie, and very resourceful in finding and getting them too (especially with those puppy eyes). One time he got into a tupperware full of sultanas and ingested almost half a kilo of them. Oh boy… that was a disaster! Read the story here.

Bowie’s party trick is to peel off and eat a full orange leaving the skin fully flat and open, though he won’t touch the orange if it’s not sweet. What a diva!

Bowie’s favourite game is to play mini volley ball with dad on his favourite pouf after dinner.

His favourite time of the day is at night when he cuddles with mum on the couch. He’s got his own couch but nothing beats resting his weary head on mum’s lap and getting a belly scratch. What a spoilt boy!

When Bowie was 9 months old, he started to have leg injuries. It was a long (and expensive) journey to get a proper diagnosis and correct treatment. He was nearly 2 years old when he got a clean bill of health from his vet. His mum learnt so much about canine injuries, rehabilitation and sports medicine – she would love to share them with you here.

On a serious note though, Bowie has been ‘the inspiration’ for his mum to pursue her passion in animal wellbeing and welfare, and to apply her graphic design and video production talent for the benefits of the animal world.

Last but not least, follow Bowie on Instagram and drop us a message if you’d like to say hi to Bowie.