Look Beyond My Disability

‘No one, either on four or two legs, should be defined by their disabilities.’

We have so much to learn from our furry companions, and even more so from the ones facing incredible challenges. Like us, dogs don’t choose to come into this world with disabilities. However some were born with it, some inherited it then became disabled later on in their life, and some sadly had it due to accident, neglect or mistreatment. Sometimes you can see the disability, but other times you can’t.

These dogs adapt to their unique bodies without complaint, they survive with determination, they’re ready to love and they live life in the moment with joy. These are their stories of strength and resilience.

Look Beyond My Disability:
Meet Marilyn

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Look Beyond My Disability:
Meet Alma

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Look Beyond My Disability:
Meet Diesel

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Perfect Imperfection: Dog Portraits of Resilience and Love

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Look Beyond My Disability:
Meet Annie

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