Give a Leg-Up

What is Give a Leg-Up project?

Give a Leg-Up project is a self-initiated, self-funded project by Master Bowie’s creator, Riesa Renata. Basically it’s like a rainy day fund to assist dog owners, dog rescue groups and charities when they need a little bit of $$ to save or look after our furry mates. Give a Leg-Up project relies on your support, as we will match every LIKE & FOLLOW with $1. Give a Leg-Up project finishes on 30th June 2019.

We’d like to thank our supporters

Through Give a Leg-Up project, we have raised $527 (as of 30th June 2019) and has donated:

Why was Give a Leg-Up project created?

Because every dog deserves a second chance and a good loving life! And because Riesa, the brain behind Give a Leg-Up loves dogs so much!

There are times when dog owners are faced with difficulties in their lives where they struggle to look after their pets. As a dog owner myself, that must be devastating as you will do anything possible for your pets. The same goes with dog rescue groups and charities. Most of them are run by volunteers and they rely on public support to sustain what they do and keep saving dogs.

Give a Leg-Up project exists to give a financial and moral support for those who need it. Every little bit helps.

How can you apply for the fund?

The fund is open for applicants in Australia only. Send us a private message below and we will get back to you promptly. Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you know anyone that would appreciate a leg-up, let us know.

We’re self-funded and genuinely here to help dogs in need. That means only genuine applicants are welcomed. We also embrace honesty and transparency. That means all of our supporters will get regular updates on how much $$ in the fund and where they’re dispersed. Of course we value and guard our applicant’s privacy, and will not disclose their details without consent.

How can you help?

Helping is so simple – just get your finger moving.

There are 3 ways which you can help:

  1. LIKE & FOLLOW Master Bowie Facebook page and we will match each LIKE with $1.
  2. FOLLOW Master Bowie Instagram to donate another $1. Direct Message us with a code LEGUP to make your Follow counts. PS: Genuine followers only – we don’t play the Follow/Unfollow game!
  3. SUBSCRIBE below to add another $1.
We guard your privacy. No spam ever!

Last but not least, SHARE & INVITE. More Likes means more $$.

At the end of each week, we will publish how much $$ collected on our social media platform.

Master Bowie also donates…

Every 15th day of each month starting from 15th of March to 15th of June 2019, Master Bowie will also donate an additional 10% of the total $$ collected to date to a dog rescue group or charity.

For example by 14th of March we have 150 likes + 50 followers + 50 subscribers = $250. We will donate $25, and you still have $250 in the fund.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

We all have to start somewhere, and doing something is better than nothing at all. If you also believe in the cause and would like to help us grow, please send us a message below.

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