Give a Leg-Up

What is Give a Leg-Up project?

Give a Leg-Up project is a self-initiated, self-funded project by Master Bowie’s creator, Riesa Renata. Basically it’s like a rainy day fund to assist dog owners, dog rescue groups and charities when they need a little bit of $$ to save or look after our furry mates. Give a Leg-Up project relies on your support, as we will match every LIKE & FOLLOW with $1. **UPDATED** Give a Leg-Up project finishes on 30th June 2019.

We’d like to thank our supporters

Through Give a Leg-Up project, we have raised $527 (as of 30th June 2019) and has donated:

Why was Give a Leg-Up project created?

Because every dog deserves a second chance and a good loving life! And because Riesa, the brain behind Give a Leg-Up loves dogs so much!

There are times when dog owners are faced with difficulties in their lives where they struggle to look after their pets. As a dog owner myself, that must be devastating as you will do anything possible for your pets. The same goes with dog rescue groups and charities. Most of them are run by volunteers and they rely on public support to sustain what they do and keep saving dogs.

Give a Leg-Up project exists to give a financial and moral support for those who need it. We all have to start somewhere, and doing something is better than nothing at all. Every little bit helps.