Festive Christmas ‘Kong’ Tree

Need a long lasting treat to keep your pup occupied during the Festive season? Try Bowie’s Christmas ‘Kong’ Tree. Not only it looks so festive but it’s also healthy and tastes delicious 😋

This recipe uses the simplified version of Bowie’s Dog Friendly Salmon Mousse. For full recipe, go here. For the Kong’s version, we will not use the bone broth and gelatin powder.


Filling (to stuff inside the Kong)
1 small canned salmon in springwater (95g) (drained)
1 tbsp cottage cheese
1/4 tsp psyllium husk
1 tsp fresh herb of your choice* (finely chopped)

* We use fresh parsley

Wrapper (to wrap around the outside of the Kong)
Cucumber (shaved into long ribbons)
Natural greek yoghurt
Fresh cranberries / raspberries / strawberries (chopped)
Cheddar cheese for the star (optional)


  1. For a mousse consistency, mix all the filling ingredients in a food processor until smooth. If you don’t have a food processor, you can just mix them by hand in a bowl.
  2. Stuff filling mixture inside the Kong. You can seal the small end hole with cucumber or yoghurt. Freeze.
  3. Once the filling is frozen, we can start to decorate the Kong. Wrap the Kong with cucumber ribbons. Do in sections. You can slightly wet the Kong to make the cucumber ribbons stick better.
  4. Dip or drizzle the top of the Kong with natural greek yoghurt to make fake snow.
  5. Use the yoghurt to stick the chopped cranberries / raspberries / strawberries on the Kong to make baubles. Same with the cheese star.
  6. Freeze.
  7. Ready to give to your pup on Xmas day.

There you go… now your pup can join us in the festive spirit!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Love, Riesa & Bowie xx

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