• ridgeback and american staffy cross dog rescued and adopted
    Bowie & Friends

    Two Ladies & A Gentleman

    Meet Tresca and Linda Peaches – the Two Ladies, and Julian – the Gentleman. Tresca and Julian are proud new owners of Linda Peaches, a 6 year old Ridgeback/American Staffie X. Linda (as she’s called) is a rescue dog. Her previous owner sadly had to find her a new home as he’s moving overseas. Tresca…

  • welsh springer spaniel puppy kisses a kitten
    Bowie & Friends

    Warmest Welcome to the Chan Family

    It is true raising a puppy is like (or harder than) raising a toddler. The ‘cute’ phase probably only lasts for a couple of weeks than the hard yards begin. And when you think you’re finally on top of it then the ‘teen’ phase hits and you’re back to square one. Here’s Akiko and Vincent…

  • smiling golden retriever with owner on the beach
    Bowie & Friends

    Meet Aaron & His Sidekick Polo

    I met Polo for the first time when he came to work with Aaron one morning. He’s such a chill and mellow dog, so much so that I couldn’t get any reaction from him. He would stay quietly next to Aaron though occasionally he would make the rounds of the office, not to say hello…

  • kelpie labrador cross dog sitting next to owner
    Bowie & Friends

    Barry & Koko – Partners in Crime

    I’ve known Barry for over 13 years and Koko since a pup. I still remember when Barry picked up Koko and brought him to a family Christmas lunch. He was a shy yet curious pup. He’s grown and slowed down a lot since then but he’s still the same friendly and happy Koko. Bowie met…