• Bowie & Friends

    Kate & Her Rescue Maremma Wolf

    Wolf was one year old when Kate adopted him. Being a Maremma, he’s not your typical suburban pet dog. Kate was Wolf’s fifth home. When his placement didn’t work out, the rescue organisation rang Kate. She jumped in the car, just to meet him and have a look. But it was love at first sight.…

  • Bowie & Friends

    Katrina & Her Guardian Angel Lacey

    Meet Katrina from Perth, WA and her rescue assistance dog, Lacey. Katrina shared her story with Master Bowie. How did Lacey come to your life? Over 7 years ago I began a search for a dog that could possibly learn to alert to my medical condition, do some tasks and help with my active lifestyle.…

  • Kevin Newman and Pumbah The Dingo at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary, Research and Education Centre
    Bowie & Friends,  Master Bowie TV

    Ep.8 Paw Wow with Kevin & The Dingoes

    Meet Kevin Newman, one of the volunteers at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary, Research and Education Centre. Master Bowie had a quick chat with Kevin during our tour at the Sanctuary. We learned so much about the dingoes – thanks Kevin for the informative and entertaining tour! Growing up, Kevin has always been interested in Australian…

  • Bowie & Friends

    The Homeless and Their Pets

    Most of us have seen homeless people on the streets, many accompanied by their non human companions (pets), especially dogs. Their pets often are the oxygen and reason for living for homeless people. Pet Journalist, Caroline Zambrano and her husband have been volunteering for Pets in The Park for a few years. It’s a charity…

  • man playing guitar and making music at his home recording studio
    Bowie & Friends

    A Man, His Guitar & Furry Band

    Meet Gary, aka the ‘G’ man, Bowie’s non-furry, two-legged friend. Gary is the other half of Sue, a loving father of two beautiful daughters, two dogs and two cats, a teacher by day, a talented guitarist and composer by night, a massive fan of Massive Attack, Jeff Beck and Steve Wilson, an avid music blogger…