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    10 Things You’ll Only Understand When You Have A Labrador

    Recently I’ve joined a Labrador forum and got talking with other Lab owners. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who experiences ‘things you’ll only understand when you have a Labrador’. I’ve compiled my ‘Top 10 Favourites’: The Biting – How could this cute, soft little thing suddenly turn into a crocopup?…

  • canine laser therapy and rehabilitation for leg injuries

    Vet & Pet Bills – How to Minimise Them?

    Bowie had a long history with vets especially due to his leg injuries. In Bowie’s first two years of life, he had visited 4 different vets over 35 times. 3 times for vaccinations and general checkups. 2 times for diarrheas. 1 time for emergency induce vomiting. 2 times for sultanas episode – Read my post…

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    Puppy Proof DIY

    You need – a baby safety gate and barrier set from any DIY store. They can be used to securely block between rooms or areas, or to section off areas within a room that you don’t want your pup to go near. One time Bowie was so fascinated with this particular spot in our kitchen.…

  • yellow labrador dog having his carrots and puppychino

    From Brat to Fab: The Power of Training

    I still remember calling my dog trainer (Cat), in desperation asking for her help. She came to our home and we had a 2 hour session where we went through our list of problems with Bowie – it was quite a long list. She assessed what we did right or wrong, and how we could…

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    OMG!! I’m one of those mums!!!

    Whenever I saw mums cooing at their babies, taking constant photos and posting them online or talking about their ‘precious’ ALL the time, I promised myself I would never turn into one of those mums. OMG, I’m turning into one!!! Instead of babies, my ovaries burst for puppies!!! I have to make a conscious effort not…

  • yellow labrador dog running and swimming on the beach

    Taking Dogs to the Beach

    Bowie loves the beach!! Excitement level: Through the roof. Energy release: High – Bowie slept all the way home and he’s much more chilled for the rest of the day. Difficulty level: Didn’t even blink an eye – Bowie is natural in the water – he’s a Labrador. Fun level: 5 out of 5 (definitely!)…

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    Did you know – Grapes, raisins and sultanas are toxic for dogs

    Bowie vs Sultanas: 0 – 1 Amount of sultanas: About half a kilo – Bowie’s weight was about 30kg Collateral damage: Signs of acute kidney failure, 3 nights stay at the hospital, 7 litres of IV fluids Outcome after treatment: Urine and blood tests came back normal, negative blood in the urine, no damage to internal organs, manhood…

  • yellow labrador retriever puppy

    Postpartum – Is it possible when having a puppy?

    Bowie is my first pet dog. I’ve always wanted to have dogs, so finally after many months of research, we decided to get a puppy. My husband had dogs growing up but nothing prepared us (especially me) from the onslaught of raising a puppy. Many people I talked about getting a puppy (and they do…