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Mumma Zura, an American Staffy who has fostered over 200 puppies

Meet Zura, a blue American Staffy who has earned the nickname ‘Mumma’ due to the incredible foster work she does with so many litter of puppies. Chris and his partner Scott adopted Zura as a pup from RSPCA NSW around five years ago.

When Zura was just over a year old, they sensed she wanted company. At that time they were renting so instead of adopting again, they contacted the RSPCA team and asked for fostering. ‘We weren’t sure how Zura would go but we thought it was worth a try.’

‘She’s such a natural ‘mumma’ and welcoming to other dogs,’ Chris says. ‘She helps nurturing the puppies and teaching them manners so they grow into well-behaved, happy and healthy dogs.’

Mumma Zura has cared for over 200 puppies, ranging from pups that needed a break from the shelter due to behavioural issues, to those involved in Court Cases, abuse victims, and even one deaf pup. She’s also looked after 4 kittens.

Mumma Zura and Olympia (Chris and Scott’s ‘foster fail’) with their foster pups

Zura has not only given Chris and Scott endless love, loyalty and companionship, but also helped them to give back through fostering. She plays an important role in the recovery of many foster dogs, instilling them with trust and confidence. ‘As foster carer, it’s very rewarding to be able to provide home and to see the growth and development of each dog. I feel a sense of accomplishment.’

‘In the beginning it was hard to part with the foster dogs. However, after doing it so often, you quickly realise that it’s just like a job. You’re there to love and care for them temporarily, and then they go back to find their forever homes, and before long, there is a new foster for you to look after.’

Chris recommends fostering for people who love pets but perhaps not ready for the commitment. ‘It’s a great way to give back. Plus you’ve got a house full of pets!’

Mumma Zura with her foster Maltese terriers

Scott and Chris with Olympia and Mumma Zura

Mumma Zura’s story won the Special Drontal® Foster Carer Award in the 2020 Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards. Chris would like to dedicate this story to the unsung heroes at RSPCA NSW (Yagoona).

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Photo credit (all supplied) by Christopher Melotti.
Source: Master Bowie’s phone interview with Chris and an article written by Christopher Melotti (Melotti Media) for Australian Dog Lover, October 2020 (all rights reserved).