Christmas Gift Ideas For Dogs & Dog Lovers

Christmas is coming, and it’s another excuse to spoil our dogs!
Here are Bowie & I’s favourite Christmas gift ideas.

Natural & Healthy Dog Treats

Whose dogs don’t love treats?! especially when they’re tasty and healthy. Bowie’s favourite is Laila and Me. They’re Australian owned, operated and produced using Australian sourced meats.

Laila and Me @twotibetans
Laila and Me’s Christmas Range. Get 10% OFF with LAILAXMAS code. Image: @twotibetans

Wanna go a little bit fancy? What about this Ultimate Doggy Grazing Box from Bones & Whiskers. Psst… they do Christmas theme too!

Ultimate Doggy Grazing Box Bones & Whiskers
Image: Bones & Whiskers

Slow Feeders

Add fun and brainwork to your dog’s meal. If you have a fast eater dog, like Bowie, these slow feeders are perfect! Our favourites are from Outward Hound, LickiMat and Northmate. You can purchase them online at Lucky Pet.

Lucky Pet Slow fun feeders Zippy Paws, Outward Hound, Northmate, LickiMat Wobble, LickiMat Original, SloDog
L-R, T-B: Zippy Paws, Outward Hound, Northmate, LickiMat Wobble, LickiMat Original, SloDog. Image: Lucky Pet.

Interactive Puzzles & Toys

A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog. We love Nina Ottosson’s dog puzzle games and interactive toys, like this Dog Brick treat dispensing dog toy, which we also use as Bowie’s slow feeder.

Image: @masterbowie2016 and Nina Ottosson

Dog Beds

As you know, having a good sleep is very important. Perhaps these dog beds from Snooza come very close with (or beat) sleeping on your bed or cuddling with you on the couch.

If you’re looking for a durable, chew-proof dog bed, our favourite go-to is Kuranda Dog Beds. They’re elevated, orthopaedic and easy to clean. It’s the only bed that survived Bowie’s destructive chewing phase! To purchase Kuranda in Australia, go to Therian.

Calming dog beds. Durable chew proof trampoline dog beds.
Image: Snooza Calming Bed (credit to Snooza) and Kuranda Aluminium Bed (credit to Kuranda Dog Beds)

Something For You and Your Dog

Do you like going ‘matchy-matchy’ with your pup? We love this matching dog bandana and earrings from Boss + Boo, just in time for the festive season!

Jolly Holly Bandana & Statement Earrings. Image: Boss + Boo.

We can’t get enough of these Custom Dog Face Socks from My Face Socks. They’re such a fun Christmas gift for any dog parents who love their fur-mates every step of the way.

Custom dog face socks
Image: My Face Socks

Christmas is A Time For Giving

There are many dogs who are not able to spend Christmas with their human families. You can help them by donating or trading your gifts with donations to a dog rescue/charity. You can also sign up to foster over the holidays, or even better, adopt a dog (when you’re ready).

Have a safe Christmas furiends and Happy Holidays!