Happy You. Happy Dog.

Happiness – it’s the one thing everyone wants and we spend our lives pursuing it, but in this modern society it seems to be becoming more and more difficult to attain. In recent years, scientists have reached an overwhelming conclusion that happiness is not just a state, but also a skill set that anyone can learn and apply. What that means is that through intentional practices, we can actually change the neural pathways of our brain to become happier. In fact, only 10% of our happiness is due to our external circumstances and a full 90% is based on our inner environment.

Research also shows that owning a pet can increase chance of happiness. Pets can reduce stress and depression, increase quality of life and boost emotional, mental and physical health. But, it’s not just us benefiting from our pets – they can also benefit from our positive energy. Dogs can experience happiness. Stroking your dog or gazing at your dog’s eyes increases the level of ‘happy hormone’ oxytocin in both the dog and the owner.

Happiness, like flu, is contagious and positive energy, like magnet, attracts more positive things in life. So, let’s practise happiness and include our furry best friends! Click the link below.

Happy You. Happy Dog. Repeat.