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A Little Dog with a Big Heart (Un petit chien avec un grand coeur)

It is true that love and joy come in different shapes and forms, and they do come at times when you need them the most. Meet Maoi, a 9 month old coton de tulear and his mum and dad from France. I connected with Maoi’s mum, Sixtine through our love for dogs and our humble gratitude for the positive impact they bring to our lives. Maoi, as little as he is, has brought a source of immense joy to Sixtine and her fiance, and helped them when life is not easy.

Here’s Maoi’s story – A Little Dog with a Big Heart
(Un petit chien avec un grand coeur)

Once upon a time, there was a family with a couple and three bunnies. Mom and Dad met at high school and it was love at first sight. They flirted and started living together. Life was not always easy… Dad’s studies were so hard that he quit them. It is now 8 years and he still has no job. Mom is a teacher, but all of you know, kids aren’t always easy to cope with. Sometimes, Mom came back home crying. She had suicidal thoughts too.

They began creating a family with the first bunny’s arrival. Loki brought joy in their lives but he felt lonely so he got a friend, Isis. Mom’s illness began to be very hard for Dad to cope with. In order to feel useful, Mom guarded animals for the weekend. Someone took advantage of this and never came back for Diablo, the last bunny of the house. Mom started to get better but Dad grew deeper in depression and anxiety.

This is when Mom thought that there always had been a dog in her house. She spoke about it with Dad and here I am, Maoi. I’m a 9 month old coton de tulear. I met Mom and Dad when I was 3 months old, and our relationship keeps getting better everyday.

I like to do anything as long as they are around. I like to go on walks with them and run back in their arms. I like playing with them, trying to catch their noses while yawning is my best trick. I like learning new tricks because I receive treats every time I succeed. I like falling asleep in their arms and being awoken by belly rubs.

My favourite thing is being rewarded because Mom and Dad are very creative to show me how proud they are. Every reward is different but I enjoy all of them – food, hugs, belly rubs, sleeping on the sofa, meeting friends, a new toy…

Mom wanted to keep a track of our story so she started writing again and Dad is in charge of the pictures. Sometimes, when Dad does not feel like going out taking pictures, Mom pretends she is out of pictures. When Mom and Dad feel down, I somehow know it and I can’t stop following them, sleeping next to them, and licking their faces.

As time goes by, I realise they smile more often than they used to. They are more willing to go on walkies, they stop complaining when I lick them under their feet, and they would do anything to make me happy.

I asked Sixtine if she could speak doggy language, what would she say to Maoi?

If I were a dog for a day, I’d try to be as nice and brave as you little buddy.

Kids, grumpy ladies, hobos… every person you meet starts smiling and gives you a sweet name, a smile, and a loving look. And by the look in your eyes, spreading happiness around you makes you happy and proud.

As for bravery, we didn’t know until last week that you were born sick and will never live as long as you ought to. The vet was shocked when she discovered a 9 month old dog had kidneys failure. Even when you’re sick, you keep fighting and being happy.

You are being a role model for Dad and I. We won’t let the disease be the strongest anymore. We will fight back harder than we ever did as a tribute to our four-legged role model and hero. We love you.

Merci Maoi et Sixtine pour partager votre belle histoire. Nous vous aimons!

You can send them love, licks and belly rubs (for Maoi of course) through their Instagram or Facebook. Read Maoi’s journal at