Bowie & Friends

Meet Aaron & His Sidekick Polo

I met Polo for the first time when he came to work with Aaron one morning. He’s such a chill and mellow dog, so much so that I couldn’t get any reaction from him. He would stay quietly next to Aaron though occasionally he would make the rounds of the office, not to say hello to us, but to check the rubbish bins.

Aaron and Poh Ling recently had a new addition to the family. I asked Aaron how Polo reacted to baby Elliot and he told me that they get along just fine. Perhaps Polo knew he’s always going to be Aaron’s first born.

What’s Polo’s breed?

Golden Retriever – though he has an unusual dark red coat

How old is Polo?

10.5 years old

‘What’s all the fuss about? Can I have my present now?’

What made you get a Goldie?

I always have a soft spot for Goldens. They have gentle expressions and when they smile it just warms my heart. Polo is my second pet. My first one was a female Pomeranian called Boby. Although I prefer large dogs, Boby always has a spot in my heart.

How do you find living in an apartment with a large dog?

I often get asked that question. Polo has adapted quite well actually. He’s been living with us in an apartment for the last 6 years. He never makes a mess at home (except that one time!!) and he’s taken down to the park on a routine basis. We have a little baby now and Polo and Elliot are getting along just fine. All fun times, it’s just a matter of discipline and routine and the dog will get along just fine.

What’s your daily routine with Polo?

On a work day I get up at 6am and after breakfast I take Polo downstairs for a little walk followed by a feed. Then I leave for work. I come back home around 6.30pm and take him downstairs again. He gets a little walk after I have dinner. On the weekend we take him out a lot more – he knows when it’s Saturday and Sunday! We often take him out for road trips as well.

What do you like to do together?

Polo loves to go out especially to the beach. During the summer when it’s hot, we take him out to the beach a lot. He loves the water. On a usual basis, he likes to just chill with us when we go get a coffee. He’s not big on running. He’s content to just be with us where ever we are.

How do you describe Polo’s personality in 3 words?

Hungry. Lazy. Smart.

Any special tricks you’ve taught Polo?

He knows the usual tricks. He can bark when asked as well as jump and roll. Although we don’t really teach him many tricks, he’s a quick learner and can read body language well. He listens to us when we talk and picks up certain sentences especially when it’s about food!

What’s Polo’s favourite thing to do?

Eat! He eats anything and everything – he’s a Golden! With toys, he loves soft toys. He rips them apart and finds all the little fluffs inside.

Any quirky habits Polo has that annoy you?

Well, one thing that we’ve never been able to teach him is not to pick up scraps from the floor. It’s a constant battle when we take him out sometimes. Any little thing that might be tasty he’ll pick up and eat.

Do you have any stories you can share?

Polo loves being left alone on the weekend (or not!!). He makes sure his feelings known.

Who’s the master in the house?

Probably Polo

How’s your life after having Polo?

I’ve had Polo for over 10 years since he’s a pup – that’s a good chunk of my adult life. It’s a lot of work to properly take care of a dog, they depend so much on you and you have to always be there. Like everything else, you get used to it and it just becomes part of your life.

Any words of wisdom for other dog owners or to-be dog owners out there?

Having a dog in your life is an amazing experience, but you have to be responsible and sure that you can care for it throughout their entire life in the best way possible. If you can do this, they will reward you with endless loyalty.